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The Other “F” Word

A few days ago it was confirmed that FOX won the rights to the documentary adaptation.

I have my worries about how this can be pulled off in a more cinematic way, but we all know that Jason can rock out. To Rush, at least. But nevertheless, I think that this movie is coming at a great time in his career. Is Jason maybe moving towards more ‘mature’ movies (and I use that loosely, since I think Jason will always bring his lighthearted-ness to any script)? With HIMYM coming to a close, it’s nice to see the path he might me taking.

Plus, it’s about punk rock Dad’s taking on parenthood… Which Jason seems to be soo very fond of lately.

First comes love…

Jason and Michelle apparently have bought a place and moved in together.

I think that everyone agrees with me in saying “Congrats!” to the happy couple! Also, I love that I really have not seen any bad press about their relationship… Which is how it should be!

I personally love them together, though. Anyone else think Jason has Marshall tendencies in his off-screen relationships?

+ So happy together…

So happy together…