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Segel be drunk, y’all!


Segel be drunk, y’all!


A Few Thoughts

  • Jason Segel gaaaah
  • Ed Helms is disarmingly beautiful in person
  • Mark Duplass was wearing converse without socks
  • Whenever they showed a clip on the TV behind their heads, Mark and Ed had to sit on the floor
  • I almost jumped into Ed Helms’s lap (well I wanted to)
  • We were so close to them, it was unnerving
  • Hannah and I would snicker like the assholes we are and whenever we said something funny, Jason would look over and laugh with us
  • Jason was extremely articulate
  • Ed Helms has fantastic hands
  • There was a kid behind us who I think had social problems or something because he kind of kept screaming out and making odd comments, so when it got to the Q&A he was asking his question to Jason who locked eyes with me and I gave him a “yikes, sorry you have to do this look” and then he eye fucked me for a full 30 seconds and I thought I might die
  • Afterwards, Hannah and I met Mark Duplass and he was rad
  • Apparently the whole thing was recorded for an iTunes podcast

Pretty cool.